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    Problem setting up RemoteObject exercise

      Fantastic series! I'm just having a problem with Day 3: Exercise: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server.

      The document "exercise9.pdf" says to install lcds26-win.exe and choose the "LiveCycle Data Services J2EE web application" option, which i did.

      I'm having problems with the next step:
      - Unzip adobeODTServer.zip to C:\lcds\jrun4\servers\default

      Firstly, I think adobeODTServer.zip is actually Server.zip, which is fine, but more importantly there is no directory called c:\lcds\jrun\servers\default.

      The example text in the exercise9.pdf file has a reference to "LiveCycle Data Services 2.51 ES" which I don't have, mine is 2.6, and I don't have a jrun directory under c:\lcds.

      After installin on Windows XP, I have these directories in C:\LCDS
      - resources
      - sampledb
      - UninstallerData

      Has anyone gotten this working?

      I definately selected "LiveCycle Data Services J2EE web application" when I installed LCDS.