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    Checkboxes disappearing in returned interactive forms


      Hello -

      We create a lot of forms using InDesign (CC) and then exporting to interactive PDF. In the past few months, we've been receiving returned forms where our users are noting that the checkboxes (in fields where we offer yes or no answers) along with some other text fields are disappearing when they fill out the form. We have not been able to pinpoint an operating system or browser because the issue seems to be seen across the board (some are experiencing it on Mac, others on PC, some experience it in Chrome, others in Safari, etc.) but I also haven't been able to replicate it. When we export these PDFs and try to fill them out on our end, everything works fine, but when others are filling them out and sending them back to us, they are saying some form fields are disappearing from the forms.


      See below for an example:



      Note: We have been using these interactive forms for 2+ years, and only recently (in the past 2 months) ran into this issue being reported by a good number of users. We had never had anyone mention this issue prior to that time.