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    Programs won't open and Adobe support has yet to help me solve this!


      I am beyond frustrated. I've been using Adobe Creative Cloud for over a year and it's all been smooth, for the most part. Suddenly about a week ago, I started to have issues starting some programs. It's as if Adobe will only open one program per restart. As in, if I open Photoshop, that's it. I can't open any other programs, they simply won't respond. I need to restart to use a different Adobe program. This is obviously frustrating. But to make matters worse, I've already reached out three times to Adobe chat support, and all three times was left without an answer. For instance, this last one I just experienced sent me an instruction page for a possible solution. The solution he sent me did not work, and by the time I got back to the chat, he had already signed out (like two minutes!). He did not wait to see if it worked, or if I needed help. I feel completely stranded. What am I paying Adobe for? I've spent all day staring at a blank screen that won't open Adobe programs. My job depends on these programs! I'm falling way behind on deadlines and feel at a total loss.