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    Control Document Numbering at the Book Level


      Hoping someone can help...maybe a script solution? I am working on two customized books that share the same files....one for the instructor and one for the participant. The files are using threaded frames with conditional text layers....the instructor pages collapse when the instructor condition is turned off. So....in the instructor book there are more pages than in the participant book.


      • In the instructor book, I would like each chapter to start over at page 1 as they contain a TOC.
      • The participant book I would like the pages to number continuing one from the next - they have no TOC between chapters.


      I understand how to change the numbering from the book at the document level (which is the only menu option we have). However, this means every time I switch between books, I have to manually reset the page numbering to start at either 1 or continued from previous file in each of my documents depending on the book I am building. So even though I am doing this process at the book level...it really isn't a book controlled feature. I would like to save the document numbering setting in each of the books and not have to manually update page numbering in 26 files every time I print then book. Anyone else run into this or have a possible solution. Maybe I am missing a book feature of controlling the numbering beyond just starting on an odd or even page?


      OR - Could someone even help me start the script to call up batch reset the document numbering options to explore writing our own script?


      Any help greatly appreciated!!!