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    Problem in Mask

    hussein1313 Level 1

      Hello guys!

      I faced to a problem, I just confused. I have a footage inside a car. Driver is looking the outside of the car. I masked the car back windshield to make outside monochrome, also what I want to do is to add a picture out of the car )between inside and outside layer) as if the driver is looking to this picture. Here is what i did and you can see how I masked that. Outside is monochrome as well.



      In next step when I add picture between this two layers (Inside & outside) I see this:



      Here I have two problem, first of all it works for inside and not outside, second I can see some parts of this image even out of the car.


      Then I chose "Inverted" for the mask layer (Back windshield mask), and the photo bellow is the result. Again two problem. First of all inside the car became monochrome. Second again I can see some part of the image, this time inside the car and even on the face of the driver.



      And the photo below is the result of choosing subtract for the Back windshield mask.





      I really confused. Where did I make the mistake? And how can I use the picture outside (outside should be monochrome) of the car with a lower transparency? I use Adobe after effect CC 2015.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated