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    Change Adobe Xd cc language


      I just installed Adobe XD cc (beta) on windows 10. The whole application is shown in japanese, even though I have english selected as the language the apps from the creative cloud should use. Is there a way I can change the language of the software? Since I can't read japanese, I have a hard time finding any setting in the app itself.

      Thanks for your help!

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          Dan POPA Adobe Employee

          Adobe XD app is shown in the first supported language from the Windows Languages list as defined in Windows Settings -> Region and language settings.

          Here's how you could find the Region and language settings, type Region in the Start menu:


          Currently, Adobe XD CC (Beta) for Windows 10 is only available in English, Japanese, and Korean. Support for French and German will be added in an upcoming release.


          So in your Region and language settings you should have English as the default language in the languages list.
          You might need to add English to this list.
          You can make English default by clicking on the "Set as default" button when English is selected:


          And then you should restart Adobe XD for changes to be applied.


          Thank you,

          Dan Popa

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            Fruitfan Level 1

            Thank you very much for your quick reply. That solved the problem. Never would have thought to look there. Thanks for your time.