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    Sandygrove Level 1

      I have a iMac desktop running OSX 10.8X.  I have Lightroom 5 Process Version 2012.  I have a Nikon D800E camera.  I don’t like Nikon’s  default Standard for my pictures so I set my
      camera for Neutral and less contrast.  It’s
      an Nikon in camera edit called Picture Control.
      Of course when I import my raw Nefs from this camera into Lightroom, Lightroom does not
      read these edits from Nikon and I am back to the Adobe Standard and more
      contrast look.  My questions are…


      To make a Develop Preset, choose a picture and apply the
      edits you want to it.  ( In my case, types
      of edits I want done to every Raw photo that is imported to my catalog from the
      D800E.)  Then click on the + symbol at the
      top of the Presets area.   I want to
      change the camera calibration to “Camera Neutral” and to decrease
      Contrast.  After I click on the plus icon
      at the top of “New Develop Preset” and the “New Develop Preset “ dialog comes
      up.  I would uncheck every checkmark in
      the dialog except “Contrast” and “Calibration,” give the new preset a name, and
      select “User Presets” for the storage area (or a folder I make up).  Is that right?  Then I could apply this Preset every time I
      imported Nefs or use it after import, on my Nefs.   Which ever I wanted.   Is
      this right?  Did I follow the right steps for creating a  Development


      Would there be a way to undo this applied develop preset to more than one photo at
      a time afterwards?  Another book I have, said to make
      another preset along side this one, which takes off what you did to make the
      preset in the first place.  Will that
      work?   I don't want to get locked into having to take off this preset (if I ever wanted to) to each picture one by one.


      I don’t think in the future I will save to file on my
      pictures so all the information will be in the catalog.  Should I leave the “Process Version” box checked in
      the New Develop Preset dialog?  I don’t
      understand the consequences of checking or not checking it.   What
      happens if in the future I wanted to upgrade Lightroom  and the upgrade had a different Process
      Version?  From what little I’ve read, different
      developmental things may or may not be affected by a different newer Process
      Version.  I don’t know if Calibration and
      Contrast would.  I don’t know if my old version
      Develop Preset for my Nefs would transfer to the new upgrade, and if it did, would the outcome be the same?

      So to head this off before upgrading
      could I use my “Undo” Preset on every Nef before I upgraded to a new Lightroom
      version?  And then after the upgrade, see how
      my Nefs look in this newer version.  If they still have too much saturation and contrast
      apply a new preset to all Raw Nefs in this new version of Lightroom.  Would that work?


      Thank You for any help.


      Thank You Very Much,



          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          You are doing everything correctly as you have outlined in the first two paragraphs.

          I do the exact same thing for my NEF files.


          If you apply this preset during the import process, there is no "undo", just "change". However, all you need to do is change the selected profile in the "calibration panel" if you so desire.


          Yes, I would leave the "process version" checked in the preset. The values mean different things in the different versions.

          While you may not record the process version in the preset, the process version is recorded in the edit history of the image.

            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You probably would want to include the process version. If you want to remove this preset from several images just highlight all of the images you want to remove it from and turn on autosync and click the undo button. But I think you're stressing out a little too much. If it turns out that you want to make some modifications later on because of the new version or whatever, all you have to do is click on the preset to apply it and make any adjustments. Then right-click on the preset and choose to update to the current settings and it's all taken  care of. Don't worry about it. You aren't locked into anything. You can always make adjustments later.

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              Sandygrove Level 1

              Thank both of you for helping me with this.  I didn't know about the last two procedures for removing or updating the preset.  I really didn't know how this went because I have not had 100% time to study all that was in my books.  I've covered much, but not autosync and I didn't think of finding a right click menu with develop presets!  Thank You Very Much for the help.  I wouldn't be able to operate this program without the help of others.  Thank You So Much again!


              Thank You,