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    need help to speed up processing

    pdfUser1 Level 1

      At the moment I'm using two buttons, one to halt calculations and one to perform the calculations using these scripts:


        // Turn Calculations Off

         // Use Master Calc to control calculations in other areas

         this.masterCalc = this.calculate = false;


         // Turn Calculations On

         this.masterCalc = this.calculate = true;



      I really don't have calculations in the form, I'm applying these scripts to help speed up the form processing (like changing field colors, show/hide fields, etc). What I would like to find is a script that would work better and to eliminate using the two buttons and having to click one to turn on the script and click the other to turn off the script.


      Can someone help me with this issue. The reason I'm asking this question is because when the AcrobatUsers forum was open to asking, someone said that these scripts were not ideal  to help speed up form processing and that there were better scripts. So, would someone please help me out and provide an example of what would work better and to eliminate having to use two buttons. Or, a better approach to speeding things up. A more professional way. Thanks folks.

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          Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

          You don't need those buttons at all. Take a look at the document "delay" property. This property can delay the redrawing of any appearance changes to every field in the document. It is generally used to buffer a series of changes to fields before requesting that the fields regenerate their appearance.


          Set the delay to true at the start of a script then to false just before it ends.