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    Strange artifact image bug after employing Time Warp effect


      I've never experienced this before, but after applying Time Warp to a layer of footage ("Sequence-A" let's call it), and then removing that footage sequence from my timeline, a static image from Sequence-A remains when the preview playhead reaches another layer of footage in the timeline ("Sequence-B"). Sequence-A and Sequence-B share no files.


      Even after deleting Sequence-A from my project item list altogether, the static image that derived from it remains, again, only on Sequence-B which has a Time Warp effect on it as well. I tried removing Sequence-B's Time Warp, but nope, the static image remains. When exporting, the static image does not show up however; thankfully.


      Does anyone know what might be going on? Is this a bug, or some bizarre setting that I accidentally toggled? I've used Time Warp quite a bit and have never encountered this issue. Thanks!


      EDIT: Here's where things get really weird -- attempting to flee this ghost image, I thought I'd re-composite the whole scene in a fresh file -- I create a new blank AE project file, create a new comp and there it is again! There are no files in this new project and the image remains. What is going on?! Ugh.