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    Quality of apps gone down hill since Cloud Subscription model began.

    heybrad007 Level 1

      Remember when Adobe was on an upgrade model and used to have to entice users to upgrade by providing newer versions of software that worked far better than previous versions? I remember upgrading at each stage from CS2 to CS3 and continuing on up to CS6; however, the innovation and quality of programs seems to have tanked since the subscription model began. For example, the current cloud version of Lightroom has a confirmed memory leak and runs slower than previous versions. My Lightroom cannot even handle .ARW raw files from the Sony A7RII from last year. Many photographers I know are jumping ship to Phase one, but I've used Lightroom since its inception and don't want to abandon it so easily. In addition the select and mask refine edge tool in Photoshop is ultra buggy now. I'm a huge fan of a Adobe and was an avid defender of their subscription model, but my conviction is waning.


      With aperture gone, and final cut pro watered down, it appears there is no current competitor to push Adobe to excel and their subscription model provides no incentive to release stable programs as they get their money either way. Has anyone else noticed this?