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    Cancellation fee, and intentionally misleading.


      "You can cancel at anytime"

      what a load of malarky! - sure, lets cancel at the cost of 130+ dollars.


      This is crazy. The website has laid out adobe stock as a month to month. like netflix or, hulu. Why is a company as large and reputable as adobe stock charging cancellation fees? this is super shady. I loved adobe, I've been using it for years. I went to cancel my membership with the intent on coming back. Due to family reasons, i need the extra money.


      Now I will not refer anyone to adobe and I will most certainly actively speak out against the company.

      I would like to see the money for the cancellation halted before it is even withdrawn, or refunded. I honestly can't believe this.

      You guys make so much money it's insane to even think that this is required.


      I have 53 images available

      i dont intend on using these. at the very least that should be prorated to the cancellation fee. I expect this kind of BS from comcast, not from adobe.


      I spoke with chat, and then couldn't send anymore messages, it was then disconnected, and after trying to reconnect it would bring me right back to the disconnected chat.



      So, I'm asking. Please adobe, do not take this money from me, or if it is too late to stop that process, please return it. Not only is it unethical, (as it is not a true form of liquidated damage) it isn't actually legal. It is 100% a penalty. mix this with the misleading "cancel at any time," text you have, it's just plain not right.


      So will you please refund, or stop that withdrawal? Thank you.