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    MUSE "Sync with web" stops when parsing the last file in the ibe_log

    cambriaone Level 1
      • Key account for me and REALLY disturbing.
      • Web site is on third party host.
      • Running MUSE version 2017.0.2 on iOS 10.11.6
      • Client using IBE successfully and publishing. I was able to "Sync With Web"  successfully two weeks ago.
      • Client made several updates on several pages and the "Sync With Web" feature stops when parsing the last file noted in the ibe_log. I tried again using the "Review" first feature and locks up when reaching same file.
      • If I remove that element by deleting from the ibe_log and uploading via Dreamweaver the "Sync With Web" would then allow me to "Review" all the updated files.
      • Within the Review mode I have "Approved" each page individually and tried to just use the "Merge All".. in both cases the progress bar completes but locks before finishing. Never opens the site in the browser, as it does when successful.
      • I have read hours of similar issues and can only hope that Adobe understands the importance of being able to offer the IBE feature without jeopardizing a clients website or the positive reputation we all strive for between ourselves and our clients.
      • There are no widgets installed on the pages that have been revised by the client. All designed using MUSE tools. Basically text and links to .pdf documents, with very few images.


      Appreciate any help available.