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    "Error" placing icml files with anchored [object Group]

    lf.corullon Level 3

      Hello, fellows.

      I'm having troubles with icml files.

      I can export all my textFrames with no problems.

      Almost all textFrames has anchored group of objects within it. More than one. And some of those groups have a lot of objects.

      Like this:



      The problem is: when I place the exported icml file into a new document, all those groups became locked and InDesign shows an error ("Object is locked"). In some cases, just one error window appears. But, in other cases, a lot of errors are shown. A LOT. I don't know how to solve this. I tried to write a code to create a new document and then disable user interactions and then place the icml file. But the error persists.


      Any ideas?