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    making tethered shootings wireless...

    e-commerce challenges



      I would like to get rid of USB-cables in tethered shootings, but still use Lightroom's automatic naming routines, that are available in the settings for tethered shoots.

      Here is why...


      I work in e-commerce in a large photo studio with almost 20 photographers shooting simultaneously. We forward our images to our picture post production, but the actual products move on to a different department. Therefore, we need to make sure, that all images can be associated with the correct product. We do this by scanning the unique product code with a barcode scanner and ask Lightroom to create a folder for the images of every single item, name the folder using the scanned text and include this text in the file names.


      I know, that Lightroom can import new files automatically from a "watched" folder, but I need to build my folder structure as described above. I guess, that we will need some additional hardware (eyefi-cards?) to enable wireless file transfer in the first place, but will Lightroom be able to operate with all the required features?

      One more thing... we shoot RAW, so there is quite a bit of data to transfer. :-)


      I would love to hear your advice. I would also be interested in speaking to an Adobe Lightroom expert in Berlin, Germany. If you know anyone, please let me know!