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    Can't staple my arms to my body :)

    Rowby Level 1



      Me again.  This time it's  not a Toucan.  It's the top half of a person.  Everything is working the way I want -- except I can't seem to staple my two arms to my body/torso -- so I can drag them properly with my mouse.


      Attached is a link to the dropbox containing the puppet file.  Clearly I'm not grouping something or -- whatever.

      BTW - a suggestion for the next version.  The staple tool, when it is stapled, should look like the staple icon.  It's a bit confusing to me to see the circle icon after I attempt to use the staple tool -- never really sure if the staple is really "there".  (I know I need to post suggestions at the suggestion area.  But thought I'd include it here too, since it's a bit related to my current stapling issue....)


      Here's a link to the puppet file:  Dropbox - StapleProblem.puppet     Maybe I should not make the arms "Crowns"???  Not sure of the exact issue.....


      BTW I realize that posing the puppet with his arms outstretched "up" is not ideal.  However I need to match a pose that is right before this sequence (a non Character Animator sequence).  So that is why the arms are "up".