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    Specs for 4k editing?

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      I want to get into video editing (Adobe Premiere CC) and am only doing this as a hobby, so I don't need top tier spec/equipment. I plan to make drone videos (DJI Mavic Pro & DJI Osmo gimbal) in 4k resolution and want to post them on youtube. I am a complete newbie when it comes to computers, but would like to build my own PC; my price cutoff is $2000 for a customer built desktop + good ~20" monitor (again, I'm only a hobbyist so I don't need the best or a 4k monitor)


      1) Where do I even start when it comes to building my own computer? Is it pretty easy for anyone to build one?

      2) What specs/parts do I need to run Adobe Premiere & edit 4k footage?

      3) What's a good monitor thats around 20" that provides me sharp & accurate colors  (doesn't have to be 4k resolution)?



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          Nothing. Your specs will work for editing 4k, you might have to turn down preview quality, but in general the config will work.

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            studiowing  wrote


            Your specs will work for editing 4k,

            I don't see any specs listed. confused_2011.gif

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              RIght, my reply was entered in the wrong thread.

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                You could always check out Adobe's minimum specs page, but I suspect it could be a frustrating editing experience using hardware right on that low end limit:


                Premiere Pro System Requirements for Mac OS and Windows


                Building your own PC is not particularly hard, but don't be surprised if you have an issue or two when it comes to starting it the first time.  There are lots of forums that can help out there though.  The same thing with specs, but there sites like PartPicker.com that will tell you if your chosen components will work together, or just ask the lads here.




                Bill, Harm Eric and others were a huge help when I built my current system five years ago, and I am hoping to get some guidance on a new build soon.  These are exciting times to be building.  In the last six months or so, we have seen incredibly fast NVMe M.2 SSDs with speeds up to 3.5Gb/s!  Compare that to 5400rpm HDDs that could only manage 80 to 100Mb/s. 


                AMD have come out of the darkness (caused by the shadow Intel have cast over them) with their Ryzen CPUs which offer excellent value for money.  Although I have seen reference that questioned how well AMD hardware works with PremPro.  My problem is that when I have a new build finished, I no longer follow new hardware, so I am hopelessly out of touch when it comes to the next build, but we are lucky to have the lads on this forum who keep up to speed and can straighten us out with what does and doesn't work.


                Now, this week, Intel have confirmed the rumours about a new generation of CPUs and a chipset to drive it (or the other way round).  So lots to read up on and obsess about for a month or so until the next build is up and running.  Then I'll forget about Tom's Hardware etc., and get on with using the software. 

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                  As an enthusiast and my experience with 4K video editing I would say, if you dealing with small footage nothing to worry much. But if you going for videos over 30 mins you have to ensure you have good computer hardware to handle it, otherwise slowing down struck ,slow rending will make your life miserable. If you have sound tech knowledge I would recommend you to browse ebay for HP Z 620 or Z820 or HP Z640, Z840 (Dell T7600 or above)  used workstation and upgrade it . That's what I did. I have bought HP z620 with single Xenon E5 - 2640 processor, 8GB ram,  you can see more spec in this link. ( HP Z620 Workstation 6-Core 2.50GHz E5-2640 8GB RAM 500GB HDD | eBay ) Then I have upgraded it as follows. I have ordered  2nd CPU and memory riser board (HP Z620 2nd Processor Board Fan and Airguide 689471-001 618265-001 w/Warranty | eBay ) , Two xenon E5 – 2665 Processors, 256 GB SSD, 32GB ram , NVidia GTX Titan video card or you can go to Quadro professional video card.  Now I have a machine which can handle anything I throw into it. But my advice is make good research before come to a conclusion as well as if you are not tech freak don’t try what I have done. Also if you plan to use pc for Gaming, try consumer custom built.