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    Motion Scroll Effects




      I am working on some motion scroll effects and I'm having trouble making sure that the secondary motion is "nothing.


      I am also having issues with the scroll motion being triggered by the key position and then just moving the object into place.


      Basically I would like the scroll to trigger a motion and then for my elements to stay in place.  I don't want the scroll effect to continue at all.


      Please Visit this page to get an idea of what I am trying to ask.  450 Alaskan at Pioneer Square - Blind

      On this page you can see that the scroll is triggering a motion but once the motion has started the scroll does not effect the speed.  Each element is just scrolling into place and then staying in place....  you can all see that there is no " reverse " motion when you scroll back up the page... I would also like to achieve this. 


      Any help would be much appreciated!!!



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          David Asch Adobe Community Professional

          The effects on the site use 'easing' to slide the elements in. Scroll Effects in Muse are slightly different. You can achieve a similar slide in effect by setting the initial movement to something slightly faster than the scroll speed, x1.3 for example. The final motion should be the same as the scroll speed (x1). There's no way to stop it reversing, however.


          I hope this helps.



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