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    I want to replace an existing photo with the edited version on hard drive

    jasper o

      I need to save memory by not having every edited picture be an original and edited version.  Hence, when I go to Export the photo back into the original folder, I receive the error message, "Some export operations were not performed."  Then the note, "The destination for photo IMG+5722.jpg would replace the existing photo."  That's actually my goal of course.


      Now I've researched this topic on the forum before posting, and the consensus has been to change the settings / permissions, as the folder is not believed to be writable.  However, I have checked my permissions, and it certainly is both readable/writable.


      Please help with some other options!  I have many people waiting for these pics I've promised.  Thank you!

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is not a permission issue.

          What you are trying to do is against the basic concept of Lightroom. One would never replace the original. In turn, you don't need to save the edited and exported photo after it's designated use. You can safely delete it after it's use - maybe to send it to a printer lab - since you can always recreate it.

          In addition, I suspect that you are shooting jpg. Except for when you have down scaled during export, your process would not save you any space anyway.