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      Hi guys,

      I'm enjoying After Effects since about 2 months and this is my second video release made with a Canon Legri HF G25, edited with AE CC 2017 (I used Video Copilot Twich effect too):


      MebiStep ( Beget Movement ) - Mebitek The manufactured eXPerience - nootempo sardinia - YouTube


      I'd like to know how I can improve my work and if all my stuff is done decently.

      thanks from an AE entusiast


      regards from Sardinia


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You say edited in After Effects... I only saw a few frames in the entire movie that could not have been Edited in Premiere Pro. AE is designed for creating shots that cannot be created in any other way, not for editing.


          The color grading needs a little work to be more consistent and the timing of some of the cuts could be improved to tell a stronger story. I'm not completely sure what you were trying to tell me. If you really did edit in After Effects then the incredibly difficult process of editing in AE probably contributed to some of the not quite right cuts that distracted a bit from the story I was seeing.


          All in all a pretty decent effort for a new film maker but I would suggest that you spend some time carefully studying some films and film makers to improve your story telling ability. If you are going to spend the time making a film it's really important that you nail down the story before you start. It takes a long time to get really good at it.

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            Hi, yes it's edited in AE cause I own just that product (I cannot efford more than one adobe product for now).

            However thanks a lot for your feedback. I'll study for sure some film and film makers tecnique. I also told that I'm pretty new in videomaking so it's my first video made with a non cheap camera (the first I made was made with a smartphone and always full edited in AE).


            thanks again

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Overall the whole movie looks a bit "flat" like typical video, which aside from the structural issues has a lot to do with the choice of camera. If you have alternatives, you might want to resort to different cameras in the future and add a bit of depth of field here and there and/ or at least use manual zoom settings on your current camera. I would also recommend you study up on how to use simple (doesn't need to be super precise) masks to separate image regions and give them different coloring and texture. E.g the hallway shot could have benefitted from a darker sky to set the tone or some dark gradient toward the top at least. Anayway, don't worry too much. You'll get there if you keep experimenting and enjoy the process...



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                thx so much for your feedback!

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                  and also, Mylenium

                  can you point to me some good tutorial about simple masking (as you said in your answer). thx


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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                    Any simple "sky replacment" tiutorial should give you enough ideas about the basic concepts like stabilizing/ tracking footage and masking the sky. Video CoPilot has one and I'm sure if you type this into a web search, a gigazillion other tutes on Youtube will show up just as well.