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    ,CSH File Size Change


      We use RoboHelp to create HTML help for our clients. After we compile a help subsystem, we crush the compiled help into a single ".CSH" document.

      Each time we crush one of our help subsystems, the size of the final crush file changes slightly. For example, if I crush EDhelp on Monday, the EDhelp.CSH file might show as being 6,050 KB. If I recompile and recrush on Wednesday, the final crush file might show as 6,100 KB. It makes sense to me that the crush file will enlarge as we add more topics to the EDhelp subsystem.

      Here's the catch: A client is reporting that our crush files sometimes DECREASE by about 200 KB between deliveries, even though we are not removing help topics. When I compare the number of folders and documents in the help project to an older version, I see nothing missing. The help appears to work fine, but the client worries that something is missing.

      Does anyone have any idea why the size of a crush file would be reduced by about 220 KB from a previous crushing of the file, when the files being crushed have not been reduced?

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          Duplicate thread. Click here for the other thread.

          BTW please do not cross post a question in two of more forums. Most of the people who can answer your questions monitor all of them so will them. It also causes some confusion for others as they find an unanswered entry that was answered somewhere else. Oh and it is against the forum rules