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    Pictures export and renaming to local hard drive using publish services




      I am using Lightroom 6.10 (Win) to organize and to publish my pictures. The imported pictures are strictly organized with specific folder names for every shooting. I have created a published service to export theses folders including the pictures to my local HDD. The publish service is configured to do a renaming of the picture names starting with IMG_0001.JPG and so on. I have hundreds of theses folders and so far the export worked fine as expected. Working on the latest pictures I have found an issue I can't resolve:


      The latest folder includes 956 pictures and after starting the publishing, the renaming is done correctly starting IMG_0001, 0002 etc. but changed unexpected after 0398 (2nd try 567) to IMG_0001-2, IMG_0002-2:



      As it worked a long time without any issue I have the guess but of course not sure that this a Bug.

      Is there anyone knowing this issue?