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    Muse Menu Won't Let Me Select Individual Elements

    FireflyIntegrations Level 1

      What can I do to make my sub nav menu allow me to select individual elements such as the label and left icon? The Muse Menu Widget is set on each page to go to anchors as a sub nav.


      I updated the site yesterday with no issues, but when I open the file today it doesn't let me select those elements unless I select it from the layers panel. The site was designed pre-responsive, so has a desktop, tablet, and phone version. The tablet version works as it is supposed to where I click on the menu, double-click to a menu item, then double-click on the label or left icon to change states, graphics, etc.


      The desktop version is the one with issues. I'm eventually able to get it to work by playing with the menu properties such as turning the icon off, turning the label off, turning the right icon on and off again, etc. I then go to the tablet version and show Muse how it's supposed to work and some random combination of that makes it work on the desktop version for all pages. Sometimes I think Muse forgets how it's supposed to function. We have a Love/Hate relationship. I tried saving after this and no luck. It behaves like it did and doesn't allow me to select labels/icons.


      muse menu label.PNG


      P.S. I've had a rollover graphic with a hyperlink to a top anchor not work at all because the background fill rectangle stretched to fill browser width located on the layer below was somehow corrupt. I deleted this rectangle and recreated it. Voila it worked. Muse has some quirks...