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    Ram issue and services configuration




      I d'like to use new Adobe product version, but I got ram issue on all computer PC an MAC.

      I do plan to use Illustrator and Photoshop not on regular basis.
      For now I do still use CD version.


      I have to buy a PC and a MAC and I need user recommendation about the ram / cpu recommendation as the minimum requirement not seems to be enough...


      1-Is there a way to configure the cloud and related service not to run as service all the time?

      (even stopping the service manually seem to always restart)


      2-I have checked the minimum requirements for Ram for each program and this seems not to be enough
      I have tried several brand New PC and all was sludgiest even if I was not using any ram demanding application

      and I have tested on one MAC, a 4 yeards old MAC, this seems the one that was not really affected by the ram and there is not much ram in it.

      So does only MAC can run the Adobe application without ram issue?


      I understand this is always depending of what a user is doing the computer and I know that this is possible to set virtual memory.


      I will need to buy 1 PC and 1 MAC so I need some user advice to select the appropriate hardware.


      Does Adobe plan to offer version without the cloud service?