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    Searching for specific forum posts using time?

    BartonGarrett256 Level 3

      I saw a post yesterday where the poster asked how to place a video inside another video. He provided a link to a Vimeo clip that was a timelapse seemingly merged with zoom video shot in Europe that came across like a reel, not really a story but more of a platform illustrating technique.


      His screenshot clip was a of a soccer field and it looked like he wanted to place a video on a billboard in one corner of it.


      The posters question was not that focused, I can't find it by searching. Nor was the Vimeo clip specific enough that I could find it by searching on Vimeo.  Is there any way to scroll or search forum postings by the date they were posted? I would like to find the Vimeo link again. The "more" tab only takes me back one page. Next time I'll save it, but now I'm stuck.  Any suggestions are welcome.