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    Sigma Lens Correction Information Anomoly - LR CC

    Adareimages2 Level 1

      I'm using a new (for me) Sigma 150-600mm lens with Lightroom CC.


      A single batch of images that I shot this morning (all at the same time, without changing the lens), is throwing up some anomalies in the Lens Correction panel. As far as I can see (and I haven't yet checked all 300 images shot today), the correct lens is identified by LR and a long list of options is provided, when using the lens correction panel with Raw files.


      However, when I take the image into Photoshop and bring it back into LR CC and then check the lens information, I get a different result. The lens is not identified correctly. I'm usually told it's a Sigma DG 12-24mm wide angle lens and the choices pop up menu is much shorter (9 lenses as opposed to 75+).


      Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might be please.