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    E_Lic_already_fulfilled _by_another_user


      Downloaded and installed ADE. Purchased 2x ebooks which I am unable to read due to this error. I have deleted the "adept" folder in regedit, uninstalled the product, etc. All to no avail. I think this is ridiculous. Surely there must be a solution???


      Reply from the ebook supplier:


      The below error indicates that you are using the incorrect credentials when authorising. In this instance, we would suggest authorizing with any other Adobe ID that you may have created around the time of initial download.

      Please note, if this error persists, it means that when you initially downloaded your eBooks the first time, your PC was not authorised with an Adobe ID. The consequence of this is that you are prevented you from opening the eBook on any other devices other than the one it was originally downloaded to, and the below error will occur. Effectively this protects the digital content from being abused (i.e. onward sold to others).

      Due to the fact that digital content such as our eBooks links, upon making payment, immediately to your Takealot user account we are unable to return or refund these product types unless they are faulty, as they cannot be resold or claimed back from suppliers of the eBook.