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    Problems with migrating Lightroom from one computer to another


      I have a MacBook Pro and am running Lightroom 6 CC on it. Earlier this year because I was experiencing some problems with the MacBook I had my Apple dealer replace the HDD with an SSD. The HDD was OK, so it was put in a USB 3.0 enclosure so that I can use it as an external drive. All the applications and data remained on the HDD, I have progressively migrated them to the SSD. In effect, I have been moving things from one computer to another.

      When I tried to migrate Lightroom to the SSD I went too quickly and ended up in a mess, as shown in the attached screenshot:


      Screenshot 2017-05-10 16.57.31.jpg


      The Macintosh HD is the SSD, the Macintosh HD1 is the external HDD, which I keep connected.  The year folders 2007 to 2013 have the dreaded question mark and no photos, i.e. the links are broken, although  they are to be found in the folders "Photos Library. photosli.." I can find all my photos if I keep the HDD connected. The Masters folders break down successively to the sub-folders in which the 14543 photos are grouped.


      I am scared to do anything with all this until I have had some advice, as I fear making things worse. Can anyone give me some suggestions, ülease!