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    Dynamic stamp has to save the document with the name the user filled in.

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      I've created a dynamic stamp. When the user choose for this stamp the stamp "ask" for some answers.
      The stamp ask the period, cost center, filename, company, ......Then I want that the document (with the approved stamp) will be saved with the filename the user has filled in.


      Then the second question : how can I put a radio button in the stamp. I want to ask if the document is an invoice or an other document.
      The question : Is this an invoice document ? And the user has to choose the YES or NO radio button



      Then the third question. Depending on the YES or NO I want to save this document in the directory from the company (choosing from a dropdown) and then in the "invoice" or "various" directory.


      I've a Folder Level Script you find on the internet but what do I've to fill in the text button - tab 'calculate' ?

      Who can help me ?


      mySaveAs Folder Level Script :

      1. var mySaveAs = app.trustedFunction(
      2.   function(oDoc, cPath, cFlName) {
      3.   // Ensure path has trailing "/"
      4.   cPath = cPath.replace(/([^/])$/, "$1/");
      5.   try {
      6.   app.beginPriv();
      7.   oDoc.saveAs(cPath + cFlName);
      8.   app.endPriv();
      9.   } catch (e) {
      10.   app.alert("Error During Save - " + e);
      11.   }
      12.   }
      13. );