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    Not able to export Adobe Draw vector art to illustrator


      I am not able to export Adobe Draw vector art to illustrator. It SAYS that the files are sent, but will not allow me to open it as vector art. Only as flattened art like a .jpg. I just bought a new iPad and creative cloud membership and am beyond frustrated! Isn't vector art the whole point of Adobe Draw???  I can not find the help I need anywhere after spending hundreds of dollars on these products! Please help!!!!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Riley.


          Sorry the app's not working correctly. A couple of things I'd like you to check:


          * Make sure your desktop software is current (I'm guessing it is since you just subscribed). Illustrator CC  just had an update a couple of weeks ago; you should be using v21.1.0 2017.1.0  (check this by opening the app and choosing About Illustrator from the Illustrator CC file menu), and make sure the Creative Cloud Desktop App is v4.0.1.188 (to check that, click on the CC icon in the menu bar, then the Gear icon, then Preferences).

          * Since it's super common for people to be signed in to the app with one login and the Creative Cloud Desktop App with another, make sure you're signed in to both Draw and desktop with the same login (Adobe ID and password). The best way to check that is to sign out of both Draw and the CC Desktop App then sign back in. (It's always a good idea before signing out of Draw to log in with your Adobe ID to Adobe Creative Cloud to make sure first that all your work is synced.)


          Please let me know what you find and we'll go from there.