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    How do I select multiple sections of text in the same area on different pages?


      I'm not exactly sure how to word this so I will do my best.


      For my job we have binders of PDFs and we export that data to a spreadsheet.

      When we do this export we only need ONE section of text on that pdf file. It's pretty much a title. Each page has a title. The binder usually contains 500+ pages.

      The usual process of what we do is we select that text via text recognition and then paste it into an excel spreadsheet and rinse and repeat as we scroll through pages.


      Is there ANY way we can select that same box of text through every page?


      Thank you!


      (Also, we cannot select all the text within the binder because there is a lot of info that is not needed so we end up having to sort through a bunch of cryptic text)