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    Embedded Video (F4V) in Interactive PDF Turns Red Upon Finishing


      I am trying to embed a video file in an interactive PDF file using InDesign CS6, however the video window always turns red after the video has finished. I have tried several things in an attempt to solve this, but nothing seems to be working.


      The resolution of the source file is 1080*1080, but I have also tried instead scaling the video down to 540*540 which doesn't fix the problem. I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro to view the file, so I have also tried deleting the video file and inserting it instead directly with Acrobat, but that doesn't seem to be working either. Ideally, I would like the file to play through the video and end on the last frame (is this what the "poster image" would be set as?).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, although I know that the interactive PDF file format is generally problematic.


      Here is a link to the file I output (about 5MB in size): video test.pdf - Google Drive