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    Photoshop CC not recognizing thumb drive for selection as scratch disk


      I have the most current version of Photoshop CC (updated today, 5/10/2017).  I want to use a 32gb thumb drive as an additional scratch disk for photoshop.  I have the thumb drive installed and I can read/write to the drive manually but when I go to the Scratch Disks option in PS it's not seeing that drive.  The drive was originally formatted as Fat32.  I've tried reformatting as exFat and NTFS, closing and reopening PS after each reformat, but it's still not seeing that drive.  I currently have a portable hard drive hung off another port and it sees that one fine (this is a backup drive so I don't want to use that as a scratch disk).  Why won't it see my thumb drive? 


      I'm on a Windows 7 laptop.