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    Looking for a freelance InDesign Script writer for hire


      Hello InDesign community,


      I am looking to hire an InDesign script writer for specific purpose. I have a catalog of 15,000 items my company produces every year. For next year's catalog, my supervisor wants us to include a price for every item. Currently, all of our items have a table that includes the item number, different attributes for that product, and a cell at the end for the price. What I would like to do is, take an excel sheet that includes the item number in one cell and the price in the other, put that information into InDesign, and have a script match up the item number from the spreadsheet with the item number in the catalog pages and replace the last cell in that row with the newly created price.


      I would love to hire a freelance script writer to make this work for us.


      If you are a person qualified to do that, or if you know someone who might, please contact me at gjfey34@gmail.com


      Thank you!