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    Rasterize shape fills my page black. Help!

    clanracicot Level 1

      I just upgraded Photoshop CC today (I installed the latest update I mean)
      Typically when I make shapes and choose to rasterize them, it's to either erase or add to the shape.
      But today I went to rasterize the shape to erase part of it, and now it fills my entire page as black. It doesn't matter what the color picker is, it's always black. I can erase the black and my shapes are underneath... But this shouldn't happen. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          It's difficult for us to say what is going on just from your description, so can you paste a screen shot of your entire workspace and document widow to this thread please?  The Shape layer needs to be selected, and it would help if your History panel was also visible.


          One thought that occurs is that rather than rasterise to edit the shape, do so using the Direct Selection tool (white arrow).  Or better still, the Pen tool together with the Ctrl (which will change the Pen tool to the Direct Selection tool).  Make sure Auto Add/Delete isa checked so you can easily add and remove points from the shape.

          Another option would be to add a layer mask and hide part of the shape by painting in the mask with black.  I expect you knew all that though.


          So paste the screen shot here, and we'll see if we can work out what is going on.

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            drakec13 Level 1

            I'm having the same problem. I added a circle to my page and everything was all fine until I had the pop up saying to rasterize the image in order for me to erase the top part. This is normal, when I go to press yes to rasterize, the page turns black and the circle layer is completely black. I can delete it and it goes back to my previous layers but I cannot add any shapes to my designs because of this. I have also updated Photoshop to the newest version yesterday and this has only happened after the update. I'm pretty sure its a bug in the newest version and would really like some help on how to fix it because I need the shape tool!


            This is before the rasterized circle. I just made a shape.


            This is immediately after pressing yes to rasterize the image. Please help to fix this.

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              kaatm1469641 Level 1


              I have this exact problem and I have No idea why it suddenly started doing it, but the way I've gone around the problem is right-clicking on the layer the shape is on (not the words, just on the grey bar part of the layer lol) so you get a large pop-up menus, and on there You'll see a "rasterize" option.

              Click that, and it won't give you the solid color and you'll be able to erase your shapes!

              Hope this helps!!!


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                olga.dav Adobe Community Professional

                I see...

                You created a shape like this?


                I think Photoshop creates a form mask for you. And probably you keep on erasing the Mask-Layer. That is why the color is black. Does layer overview look like this after you rasterized it? It happends when you try to work with the form-layer directly, then the system askes you automatically to rasterize the layer, if you say yes, then this happens.



                To get it rastered correctly go to the layers ("Ebenen" on my images). Then right mouse click -> rasterize

                So, correctly rasterized layer must look like this.



                I hope this helps!



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                  peinamek Level 1

                  I'm getting this result at home


                  but at work the layer is filled with black, no mask...

                  Previous versions rasterized it with no problem at all.


                  Why adobe... i had so much hope for the new CC2018

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                    olivias70072934 Level 1

                    SO HELPFUL!! Thank you. I could not figure out why this was happening and it was driving me crazy!!