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    cropping portrait images


      I'm unable to crop my portrait images from the top. The crop tool works on the bottom of the image, then as soon as I move my arrow to the left, center, or right bold "crop tabs" on the top of the image it no longer works. I've tried various dimensions and locked and unlocked the aspect ration padlock. If anyone has answers please let me know! Thanks

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you post a screen-capture where we can see the issue?

          What is your exact version of Lightroom?

          What is your OS?

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            When you started the crop on the bottom was there any image rotation involved?


            Check the angle shown in crop settings,even a small 0.03 angle will not be visibly apparent but can cause the below problem:


            When you rotate the image when cropping the 'handles' cannot be moved outside of the image area.

            So if a corner is already touching a boundary you cannot expand the crop horizontally/vertically based from that corner without first re-positioning the crop area within the photo (or change rotation slightly) so that no corners of the crop area touch the outside boundary of the photo.