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    Elements Organizer 15


      Is there any way to get the Organizer to change the size or move to my other screen?  The toolbar has no options for either.  I clicked the full screen/restore button in the title bar and nothing happens. 


      Anyone know when there will be a permanent fix to the missing cursor issue?  I have to change my taskbar settings to not auto-hide so the cursor shows up.



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          dhananjays36801738 Adobe Employee

          Hi djc2002us,


          Thanks for posting in Adobe Forums.

          I understand you are facing issue in moving your Adobe Organizer from one screen to another.

          Can we follow the following steps:

          - Set your Adobe Organizer to "Restore Size"

          - Double click the top grey portion of Organizer

          - In your 2nd click while double clicking you can hole the mouse cursor & try to move Organizer

          - Try this multiple times if not happening at first attempt.


          I hope this works for you.





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            nee.rai27 Adobe Employee

            I tested this in my machine & it worked .

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              djc2002us Level 1

              I am running the latest version of Windows 10.  I clicked on Restore in the top right of the gray bar, I assume that is what you meant by "Restore Size", I then double clicked holding the mouse after the second click and tried to move the Organizer without success after multiple tries.  It should not be this difficult.

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                nee.rai27 Adobe Employee

                Lets try it with the Keyboard shortcuts :
                Please open Elements Organizer & press these three keys, Windows key + SHIFT key + → (right Arrow key) simultaneously to move the screen from left screen to right or use left arrow key to move from right to left. It should definitely work for you.




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