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    Scripting Broken or being Phased Out?

    danielafort Level 1

      We're relying more and more on Premiere for our various tasks and we'd like to get into writing some scripts to help automate some of the more repetitive jobs, like swapping out the audio tracks and subtitle tracks for international trailers for example. We looked into Premiere SRT and thought about writing some scripts to modify Final Cut Pro xml files like they did but according to their support page it doesn't work with the latest version of Premiere Pro CC. Note that we are not using this app because it is Mac only and the studio where I work at is Linux and Windows only.


      So now we're looking into possibly writing some CEP HTML/JavaScript Extensions. I managed to get the Minimalistic Panel working but the more complete example, PProPanel doesn't work in the current 2017.1 v11.0.


      My question is if we should continue to look into scripting or if this is no longer going to be supported. All the scripting documentation that I could find is for Creative Cloud 2015 applications so maybe it is being phased out? We don't really want to get into the plug-in SDK because we only need some automation tools that are specific to our needs and want to keep it as simple as possible so our users, who are not programmers, to have access to the code and customize the scripts.