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    Exporting my indesign document to pdf shows blank?


      When I try to export my indesign file to pdf it comes up with a notification (shown in attached image) and when i click continue and open the pdf it is completely blank. Please help! I need this as a pdf!!

      Screenshot (156).png


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Ellisa,

          your exported PDF is blank, because you did your artwork on master B that was not applied to any document page.
          Cut/Paste in Place your contents to the appropriate document pages.


          The message you are seeing has nothing to do with the blank PDF.
          What is your document's transparency blend space?
          What is your PDF export preset you are using?



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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Uwe's answer is correct.


            When I teach my InDesign classes, I always teach beginners to pay attention to what page you're working on. There are two ways to tell: (1) If the Pages panel is open, always notice what page or spread is highlighted. In your screen capture, you can clearly notice that B master is highlighted. (2) If the Pages panel is not open, check the status line at the very bottom left of the screen. It will always show you the page you're working on. That's also visibile on your screen.

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