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    Can't change my color??


      I'm using Flash CS3 to make an illustration. I'm pretty good at drawing but I'm new at Flash, so maybe there's a really easy and dumb solution but I just can't figure it out.

      I'm using the brush tool, and I was almost finished drawing my image when at some point, I can't change my colors anymore. I'm in the color tab on the upper right side of the screen. On that little square where I can usually select my color (right next to the R,G,B numbers), as soon as I click on it to select a color I want, the cursor goes back to the grey at the bottom of the square. So I'm stuck with the same grey and I can't change it, so therefore I can't finish my image since I need to change my colors.

      I bet there's a really easy way to fix it (I must have clicked something I didnt want to by accident) but this is my first time at Flash so I really don't know. I'd love some help because this is for a school project that I really need to finish asap.