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    InDesign and PowerMath 4.0

    mikeAtJB Level 1

      I have a book that was originally created in Quark 6.5 with PowerMath. I converted all the equations to PowerMath export and resaved the file.


      I opened InDesign 3.0 that has the Q2ID extension and was able to convert the document. I can highlight the equations and convert them to PowerMath fine.


      One problem: Some of the definitions are not in the new superset. Is there a way to load and old superset to the new PowerMath 4.0? In the old version, the supersets were in a folder. When I search for "superset" on the newer Mac, nothing shows up even though, in the PowerMath menu it shows 4 different supersets.


      Does anyone know where the supersets reside and can old ones be imported? Otherwise, I have to create dozens of new pi characters.