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    Need Javascript function help - division by zero.



      I am new to Acrobat Javascript and I would like to get some help on this:

      I have a pdf form where I have a Volume "VF" [liter] in one field and a Flow "Q" [liter/minute] in another field. In the third field I would like the calculation of Emptying time in seconds: (VF/Q)*60

      Now, I manage to get the formula right, but as you start to fill in the other fields, the Q field is equal to zero so you get a message that the stated value do not match the field format. I understand this has something to do with the denominator is 0. I googled and tried the Javascript below but it doesnt work. What is wrong?

      (all fields have the same format.)


      // Custom calculation script(function () { // Get field values as numbersvar v1 = +getField("VF").value;var v2 = +getField("Q").value; // Perform calculation if denominator is not zero (or blank)if (v2 !== 0) {event.value = ( v1 / v2 ) * 60;} else {event.value = "";} })();