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    Why are high quality photos premium and included photos are mediocre at best?

    jasonh44207044 Level 1

      I am disappointed with Adobe lately, and noticing a bait and switch going on here.

      The company I work for been subscribing to adobe stock for a year and are reviewing the renewal.

      I was searching for a decent photo to use for a project and it seems all the photos that are included are mediocre at best and the better (read: clear and framed correctly) are premium!

      my search was for a decent manatee photo and all i have to choose from are what appear to be muddled, grainy flip phone shots that are terrible and amateur.  I found quite a few professional looking photos but these are all premium and are not included with my really expensive yearly plan!


      We have multiple full CC licenses and have stock included and are paying a lot of money for poor quality run of the mill photos!  For what i spend on software and photo services, there are other photo services that I am considering looking into!


      who is picking this stuff and why are decent photos premium? i understand the videos are premium (i don't agree, but i get it)...


      Adobe, you were the best in the past but you are getting worse by the minute.


      Disgruntled and ranting,

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Jason,


          I apologize for the experience you have had in finding the correct picture for your work.


          As per as the Premium collection is concerned, this collection was developed to serve customers who need authentic and high-quality commercial content with straightforward licensing plans.

          This is a highly curated collection of nearly 100,000 hand selected images sourced from some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies. That is why the pricing is higher for these images.


          But I will still take it as a feedback and pass it onto the Stock team.




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