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    Keyboard Shortcut for Non existing command in Win en_US Shortcuts.txt

    Hgarrou3 Level 1

      I'm looking for what's missing in the Help docs on this topic.


      Where can I find a list of the valid names of all the menu items, as they would need to be referenced in the Adobe After Effects 14.2 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt.

      Or, is is possible to map shortcuts to items that do not already exist in  Adobe After Effects 14.2 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt.




      Adobe After Effects 14.2 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt
      is editable, and this works well UNTIL...


      For instance:

      I want to map a shortcut to a menu item that does not already exist in this file.

      What would be the command to map >Edit >Preferences >Video Preview


      for comparison
      >Edit >Preferences >General   is "PrefsGeneral" = "(Ctrl+Alt+;)"


      from trial and error i've learned
      >Edit >Preferences >Video Preview will not work with

      "PrefsVideoPreview" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"

      nor  "PrefsVideo" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"

      nor  "PrefsPreview" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"

      nor  "Video" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"

      nor   "Preview" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"

      nor   "VideoPreview" = "(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)"



      (Note: I am well aware of the Numpad Slash shortcut to disable and enable this function. This is not a good solution for my problem. In my case, Monitor sharing for the group preview monitor in the center of our studio causes the prefered preview monitor to change when I switch away from it for someone else to use. So I often have to set this back to the desired monitor when it varies.)


      (Also note: I am aware that there was a pre-existing mapping for (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P) and I have disabled that. It is not the reason this does not work.)


      Thanks in advance for any lists, or insight on this.