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    Lr CC 2015.10 incorrectly exports capture date for JPGs

    hakkalugi Level 1

      It appears that the recent update to Lightroom CC (2015.10) and Camera Raw (9.10) has changed the way that Lr exports metadata for JPEGs depending on the "Metadata" settings selected in the Export dialog.


      Previously if I exported a JPEG from within Lr for a given DNG file and subsequently imported that JPEG back into my Lr catalog, I could reliably use the "sort by capture date" setting to sort images regardless of the "Include" option I selected within the Metadata section of the Export dialog. For example, no matter whether I selected "Copyright Only", "Copyright & Contact Info Only", "All Except Camera & Camera Raw Info" or "All Metadata" the capture date of the original image was preserved in the exported JPEG.


      Now, however, the capture date of the exported JPEG seems to be dependent on the Metadata selection made within the Export dialog. If I choose one of the first two options (Copyright Only or Copyright & Contact Info Only), the capture data of the original image is NOT preserved, and the capture date of the exported JPEG is set to the date/time the JPEG was exported.


      Not only is this new behavior unexpected, it has created huge problems for me in the way that my catalog of master DNG files and derivative JPEG files are sorted and filtered.


      Is this capture date behavior on export a bug, or something that has been changed intentionally in the recent update of Lightroom?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          In 2015.10, when you pick "copyright only" or "copyright and contact info" the capture date is not exported.


          I cannot say if this is new behavior as I almost always select "all metadata", but I would expect this current behavior given the descriptive titles.



          Since the capture date is not exported, it seem reasonable that the import process puts the file creation date as the capture date of the new file.



          Give "all except camera and camera raw" a try and see if that includes too much info for your needs.

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            hakkalugi Level 1

            This makes total sense to me. Unfortunately exporting with "all except camera raw" won't work for me because that will include the caption and other IPTC data that I don't want out on the web. I'd prefer things to work as they had worked at one point in time: that exporting images with "copyright only" or "copyright & contact info" would preserve the original capture time metadata in the resulting file.


            I don't know when this changed, but it's something I noticed recently- say within the last few months.

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think the capture date is left out of "Copyright only" and "Copyright & contact info" because those choices leave out all EXIF metadata (camera exposure data), and the capture date/time is part of EXIF.


              One option is to use Metadata Wrangler, a Lightroom export plug-in by Jeffrey Friedl. You can include or exclude individual metadata items, and you can save settings as presets. For example, you could create a preset that excludes everything except the capture date and specific copyright/contact information you want to keep.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                I just opened LR 5.7.1 to test.

                When exporting an image with Copyright only select in the export window the date that shows is the Metadata date which is the date/time of the export. No other dates and not even any fields for a date is shown.


                So it is not just LR 2015.10/6.10 that this happens with and IMHO it is as it should be.

                If you want to the exported JPG to be right next to the original then select Add to Stack: in the export dialog window. That will place the exported image right next to the original.

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                  hakkalugi Level 1

                  Thanks for the confirmation and suggestion. Unfortunately stacking won't work for me, either, as my derivative files (e.g. exported JPGs) live in a different folder than my original/master images in my archives and this isn't something I can change to take advantage of stacking.