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    How to create a slideshow without the pre-set themes

    Pattie J

      I had PSE 6 and to create a slideshow was so easy. I upgraded to PSE 14  and I don't want to use the pre-set themes to create a slideshow. The pictures don't fill the TV screen for one reason,  why did ADOBE delete this ability to make our own slideshows.  I have tried by sending selected photos to Premier Elements 14, but I then have to go to each photo, shot in PORTRAIT mode, one at a time, right click, select rotate to left, etc etc.  This is so time consuming when I have hundreds of photos to rotate.   The photos were all rotated in the file on the hard disk, before importing into PSE 14 ORGANIZER, but when sending to Prem 14 the orientation goes to landscape( hence the portrait pics are side ways) .  PLEASE ADOBE  have you changed this in newer versions of Photoshop & Premier Elements.   And is there anyone out there  in forum land, can suggest a better slideshow program like older versions of PSE use to be. Thanks in advance.