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    debugging air 1.5 in flex linux alpha 4

      OK, so you are trying to debug the AIR app in Flex Builder Linux Alpha 4.

      * First, you need to copy the runtimes/air/linux folder from the original SDK that comes with the builder into the latest SDK.

      * Second, copy contents of the same folder from the AIR SDK

      * Third, rename adl into adl_lin in the Air SDK bin folder and copy it to the bin folder in the latest sdk. Do the same with adt.

      You should now be able to debug the applications written for 1.5 in Flex Linux! Don't forget to set application's xmlns attribute in the descriptor file to http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.5

      SDK links here - http://blogs.adobe.com/air/2008/12/adobe_air_15_now_available_for.html