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    Trouble with using TortoiseCVS and Fireworks


      we're using Fireworks and TortoiseCVS in our company on several clients. There seems to be a problem having installed both software packages at once. Fireworks is crashing suddenly or producing broken files or corrupted content. Here's some description, what happens to us, when we've installed both software. Reproducable on several machines now...

      - Fireworks crashes with "internal error" msg by clicking in text objects
      - Fireworks cripple gradients (inverting and collapsing them...)
      - Fireworks changes suddenly the line height or font size in text objects
      - Fireworks damage written files, so they only are readable by photoshop or other "flat-png" applications
      - Diverse JavaScript error msg on random actions

      We are currently using:

      Windows XP SP#3
      TortoiseCVS 1.10.9

      Does someone also have problems using TortoiseCVS in dependency with Fireworks?