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    Photoshop fills up my scratch disk

    Tony Cronstam

      Hi, most grateful if anyone out there knows how to adress this problem.

      This happens every time I use Photoshop, starting from two weeks ago:


      I have 155 gigs of free space on my 250 gig SSD (scratch disk) when I start up Photoshop and begin to work. But then every time I save (command S), a chunk of free space is filled up on the SSD. After an our or two I get the message that the scratchdisc is full (with only a couple of hundred megs left in free space). I restart Photoshop and the scratchdisk is back to 155 gigs free space.

      I could just make this restart a routine and leave it at that, but I´m afraid this is a sign of something being wrong with the hardware and a crash to come? Also, the last save always fails since the scratchdisc is filled up, forcing me to quit and lose work done unsaved.

      So I´m hoping this is a softwareproblem, and of course solveable.

      Anyone out there who knows?

      Thanks in advance.



      (I´m using an iMac with macOS Sierra and the latest version of Photoshop 2017 installed)


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