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    Problems with View States, Drag&Drop and resizing

    Constantin Ehrenstein
      Hey there,

      I have programmed a module which features different view states as well as a Drag'n'Drop listener. I've put together a mini module to show the problem (see below).

      The basic idea is that the module should be responsible of its own drag and drop handlers, which is why they're implemented via MouseDown and MouseUp handlers, respectively.

      In the example, there are three different states which the module cycles through when clicking on the sole button in the application.

      I can very well drag the module around and it will maintain its position through the view states as long as I don't mess around with its dimensions.

      As soon as I include a SetProperty class to change the width and/or height of the module in one of the state definitions, the module will reset the x and y coordinates to 0 and thus bounce back to the upper left corner.

      That smells like a bug, I'd say.

      Any workaround ideas?

      Best regards