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    Adding Programs to CC Plan

    Holy Harley

      I currently have the $9.95/Month Photography Plan with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. 


      All I want to add to this is the Premier Pro CC.


      According to what I can find on your website, I can have the 2 current programs, But in order to get the Premier CC added, I have to Jump to the Bloated $32.54/Month plan that has all of the programs in it.


      I don’t want all those other programs, I only wish to add the Premier Pro to my CC account.


      Is there a plan for this? The website is very convoluted and figuring out these plans has been a real pain.


      NONE of the contact methods referred to on the website would allow me to actually contact anyone,


      This seems to be a very common complaint.


      Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated!